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1. Applicable law
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2. Site publisher and host
The www.champagnemontaudon.com web site is produced by Champagne Montaudon, a French company (Société Anonyme à Directoire), having its Registered Office at Reims (51100 – France), 1, rue Kellermann, registered with the Reims Trade and Company Register under N°335 783 502. The editor of the Site is Laurent Reinteau, as Managing Director of Jacquart & Associés Distribution.

The Site is hosted in France by ENJOY, headquartered at 209 rue de l’Université
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3. Modifications to general conditions of use
Champagne Montaudon reserves the right to modify or change the pages on the Site or general conditions of use at any time. These modifications will be applicable as soon as they go online. Users are invited therefore to check the Site regularly. The visit of the User to the Site implies acceptance of the version applicable at that time.

4. Property and intellectual property
The content of this Site and particularly, without this list being exhaustive, the architecture, texts, photographs, illustrations, drawings, models, brands, software, databases, programming, etc. (hereinafter ‘the content’), are the property of Champagne Montaudon, its technical service providers and its licensors. Particularly, Champagne Montaudon™ and its different brands and logos used on the Site are registered trademarks, the use or reproduction of which would constitute forgery. All user, reproduction or operating rights for this content are reserved and subject to authorisation by Champagne Montaudon or its different rights holders. In compliance with the French Intellectual Property Code and applicable international treaties, any representation, reproduction or use of the content not expressly authorised, completely or partially and using any procedure, is illicit and subject to civil, commercial or penal action by the owners of this content.

5. Protection of personal data
Champagne Montaudon protects the personal data of Users of the Site and complies with the strictest French and European laws in terms of privacy and personal data. The use made by Champagne Montaudon of personal data obtained from this Site has been notified by Champagne Montaudon to the French Data Protection Authority, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (http://www.cnil.fr/english).

5.1 Personal data collected on the Site

5.1.1 Personal data collected from the User
Your personal data may be collected by Champagne Montaudon from you when you use the Site, when you send an e-mail to Champagne Montaudon, when you take part in a discussion forum, when you complete a form with your personal data or when you create or access your User account (name, first name, e-mail address, other personal information).

5.1.2 Personal data collected directly from use of the Site
When Users browse the Site, Champagne Montaudon may indirectly collect information on the use of the Site by the Users or collect data to the Site and browsing of the Site (users’ IP address).

5.2 The use of personal data and data relative to visits to the Site
The collection of personal data described in point 5.1 above is mainly to help Champagne Montaudon to provide users of the Site with access to information and services, to manage member accounts, establish user and Champagne Montaudon services statistics, improve Site navigation, ensure it is secure or to send newsletters or commercial information from Champagne Montaudon and/or its commercial partners subject to prior authorization (or lack of opposition) from the User. Champagne Montaudon is the recipient of the personal data collected from Users as well as Champagne Montaudon service providers that work for it in the roll-out of the Site and other services provided for Users. Champagne Montaudon reserves the right to communicate and use the statistics it produces to any third party in a non-identifiable format.

5.3 The confidentiality of user data
Champagne Montaudon will keep the personal data it holds confidential and secure and will not make it accessible to third parties, except where allowed in the present conditions of use. Champagne Montaudon also undertakes to do its utmost to implement suitable technical security and organisational measures to protect personal data in compliance with the present conditions of use and law applicable to the Site, mentioned in article 1 above.

5.4 Browsing data tracked by cookies

5.4.1 What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small set of data in text format sent back to the User’s browser by a Web site and stored on the user’s hard disk. One or several cookies are placed by Champagne Montaudon or its service providers and advertising partners on the hard disk of the user’s computer when browsing the Site. Their aim is not to breach privacy. They are simply aimed at constantly improving the service provided to users of the Site in accessing the content, recognizing when a user connects to the Site again, facilitate Champagne Montaudon’s management and in order to produce statistics.

5.4.2 Blocking cookies
The user is informed of the possibility of blocking cookies. To this end, instructions may be found on the CNIL – the French data protection authority – web site available in French and English from one of the following addresses:
In French: http://www.cnil.fr
In English: http://www.cnil.fr/english

Where they are not blocked by the browser, the user allows Champagne Montaudon to use cookies.

5.4.3 Third party cookies (advertising banner servers, etc.)
When the Site includes advertising banners used by third-party partners of Champagne Montaudon, this partner may use cookies to serve its advertising. These cookies are not the responsibility of Champagne Montaudon

5.5 User rights

5.5.1 Rights guaranteed by European and French law to protect personal data
In application of the European directive 95/46 dated 24th October 1995 on the protection of personal data (http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:31995L0046:EN:HTML) and French law n° 78-17 dated 6th January 1978 modified by law 2004-801 dated 6th August 2004 (http://www.cnil.fr/fileadmin/documents/en/Act78-17VA.pdf) and supplemented by the Decree n° 2005-1309 dated 20th October 2005, modified by decree 2007-451 dated 25th March 2007, each user of the Site has a right to access, rectify or remove personal data as well as the right to object to their use for commercial ends by Champagne Montaudon. The user may therefore require personal data held by Champagne Montaudon to be sent, rectified, completed, clarified, updated or removed where a copy was required or if the data was incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous or outdated. To exercise these rights at any time or for any additional information relative to Champagne Montaudon or the Site, the user may write to Champagne Montaudon providing complete address details and identity (name and first name) at the following address: Champagne Montaudon, 1, rue Kellermann, 51100 Reims – France.

5.6 Rights guaranteed to the user in terms of e-mail marketing
When users’ details may be used by Champagne Montaudon for a third party as part of an electronic marketing campaign (e-mail, SMS, MMS, instant messenger, telephone server, fax) or be sent by Champagne Montaudon to a third party for such purposes, Champagne Montaudon complies with User rights set out in European directive 2002/58 dated 12th July 2002 for the protection of personal data in electronic communications (http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:32002L0058&from=FR) and by French law n° 2004-575 dated 21st June « to encourage Trust in the Digital Economy ». Champagne Montaudon will only send the User’s personal details to third parties for e-mail campaigns subject to informed, free, explicit and prior consent given to Champagne Montaudon.

6. Responsibility and guarantees
It is your responsibility to connect to the Site under conditions that comply with the law applicable to the Site and mentioned in article 1 above as well as the law applicable in your country of residence. Champagne Montaudon, its sister companies, parent companies or subsidiaries, its managers or employees will not be liable for any damage incurred by simply visiting the present Site, except in the event of a proven fault directly caused by Champagne Montaudon and confirmed by a final legal decision taken in application of the law applicable to the Site and mentioned in article 1 above.

6.1 Non-confidentiality of messages sent via the Internet
To the extent that communications across the Internet by e-mail or when accessing a Web site such as the Site are not, by default, secure, Champagne Montaudon will not be liable for any voluntary or involuntary interception by any third party of one or several messages or data supplied Champagne Montaudon by a User of the Site, when transferred across the Internet to the Site or an e-mail address belonging to Champagne Montaudon mentioned on the Site.

6.2 Hypertext links to other sites
Champagne Montaudon may include hypertext links on the Site to third party sites through banners, advertising or otherwise, or by any other means. These third-party sites are independent of the Site of Champagne Montaudon. Champagne Montaudon does not publish or control the sources or content of these sites or their links to other sites. Links to these sites in no way signify approval to, validation of or adhesion by Champagne Montaudon to their content or an association with the content of these sites or any association with the owners and/or authors, designers, managers or hosts. Given this, Champagne Montaudon is not responsible for the content, products, services, advertising, cookies, computer coding or any other parts of these sites or for any losses that are proven or alleged, consequent or indirect damage, or in relation to the use of information, services or data available on these sites.

6.3 Responsibility for Site content
The Site provides information on Champagne Montaudon, its activities, its products and services, those of its partners and may provide, through the Site, services and information, newsletters on the activities and services of Champagne Montaudon and/or an opportunity to purchase products sold by Champagne Montaudon online.
This information is only provided for informational purposes. Champagne Montaudon under no circumstances guarantees the relevance, updating or exhaustiveness of the information distributed and will not incur any liability for this information, the suggestions or content, or for the decisions taken based on or influenced by this content. In the same way, responses provided by Champagne Montaudon to questions asked online by a user are only provided for informational purposes and do not constitute advice or commitment from Champagne Montaudon. Consequently, Champagne Montaudon will not be liable, except in the event of a proven fault directly caused by Champagne Montaudon and confirmed by a final legal decision in application of the law applicable to the Site and mentioned in article 1 below.